Singletree Ranch
Leather Products
Custom Made Leather Goods for Riders, Hunters, and Everyday Folks
To Order,

To place an order, call or e-mail with your
preferences.  I will give you a quote and
if it's  agreeable to you, I will write you an
invoice via Pay Pal.  You may use credit
card or your Pay Pal account.
Currently orders taken now will be ready
to ship in five weeks.
Contact me at 306-236-6524
or e-mail:
I can be reached at 306-236-6524.
Custom made rifle slings, sheepskin
lined and stitched.  Basic sling is
Custom made roper wallets,
checkbook covers, tri-fold, or bi-fold
wallets, personalized and finished  
in your choice of patterns and
colors.  Starting at $60.00
A new buscadero holster/ gunbelt.  
Fully lined and border stamped.  
Features solid brass hardware, and
thirty bullet loops.
This one is for a S&W 44 mag. Model
$440.00 as shown
Sheaths and cases made to fit your knife whether
folding, fixed blade, or the popular multi-tool
knives.  Just need to know the brand and model or
size.  For fixed blade knives, a tracing and the
blade thickness are needed.
From $75.00
Replacement all leather cases to fit
Leatherman knives and other brands.  
I just need to know the brand &
model.   This one is for the "Sidekick".
$45.00 + Postage
Chaps and chinks.  
Starting at  $280.00